With the equipment mounted on top of a car, the aerodynamics of the car are adversely impacted, and fuel economy is significantly reduced. Even when the equipment is not on the car, just the bars and mounts reduce fuel mileage for everyday driving.   With the equipment mounted behind the car, the equipment rides in the slipstream of the vehicle, having a minimal impact on fuel efficiency. For everyday driving, just unhitch the trailer and the car's aerodynamics are as originally designed.  
  For fuel economy comparison purposes, below are some general guidelines based on careful measurements over hundreds of miles of testing on a wide variety of flat, rolling and mountain highways. The testing compares a standard configuration of 3 bikes and a 12 cubic foot cargo box with a small car as below:
Car with no trailer or roof rack Car with loaded trailer Car without bikes on roof rack Car with loaded roof rack
baseline 10% reduction in MPG 10% reduction in MPG 25% reduction in MPG
The standard mounting bars are adjustable between 36" and 42" spacing, and are designed to hold virtually all accessory racks offered by Yakima or Thule. The wide range of accessories by Yakima, Thule and others enable many combinations of bicycles, kayaks, canoes, surf boards, gear boxes, etc. to be mounted on the Dooit™. With optional tongue lengths up to 8’, the Dooit™ can accommodate two 18’ kayaks or a single 21’ kayak or canoe.
The Dooit™ is scaled to be safely towed by compact and subcompact cars and other smaller vehicles. The typical car in this class has a width of 66” – 67”, and the 55” overall width of the trailer and its load are well within the wind envelope of the vehicle. Trailers built for the standard automobile have widths that extend beyond the sides of this class of vehicle creating a safety issue. The maximum GVW of 500 pounds (trailer and load) is well within the design limits of a vehicle’s axles and its braking systems, yet still allows carrying a significant amount of equipment.
The tubular steel frame is the strongest design possible and is many times stronger than needed for the typical load it will carry. The frame is a solid one-piece welded assembly. The torsion bar suspension allows loads of varying weights to be smoothly hauled without requiring adjustment. The powder coat finish is extremely durable and offers the best possible corrosion protection. The Dooit™ comes with a five year warranty on the frame and axle.
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