The Dooit trailer is available through our dealer network. Check the Dealers page to find a dealer in your area. If we do not have a dealer in your area, We can ship directly to you. See the Ordering page for more information.  
  Trailers:   Part # Price  
Dooit™ Base Trailer - 4' Tongue
Our standard unit, can carry bikes, cargo boxes and the Pop Up Tent. Suitable for 2 kayaks up to 11' in length or a single 13'. d10001 $1595.00
  Dooit™ Base Trailer - 6' Tongue
The 2' longer tongue is appropriate for a majority of kayaks, can carry 2 kayaks up to 15' in length or a single 17'. d10003 $1645.00  
  Dooit™ Base Trailer- 8' Tongue
Extended length for touring and ocean kayaks, can carry 2 kayaks up to 19' in length or a single 21'. d10002 $1695.00  
  Swing Open Riser Bars

Add the Swing Open bars to the Dooit with a tent, and you have a second level of crossbars to accommodate additional gear. b10001 $395.00  
The Tbars option expands the capacity of your Dooit with a 2nd level of bars. Carry up to 4 kayaks or 2 kayaks and bikes or other cargo. tb10001  $395.00   
  Spare Tire w/ attachment hardware
You can add a spare tire to your Dooit, just in case. Mounts firmly to the frame with included hardware. s10001 $129.00  
  Replacement/Additional Tongue Available in 4', 6' and 8' lengths if you need a longer (or shorter) one for new gear. t10001 Call  
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